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Next week is here with some new exciting game mechanics!

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First thing that I would like to show you this week is the new soundtrack. You will be able to hear it in the main menu and it will be also used in the future trailer. It was created by our music composer Jozef Sarissky.

Let us know what do you think about it in the comments:

Second important thing is the new game feature that I was working on for over 2 weeks. It was not so hard to programm but I had to really think it through. So here it is:

The Drones

They are not very clever but they sitill manage to do some simple tasks. Here are some of things you can do with them:
(Please be aware that everything what you can see below is not a footage from actual levels. It is just a demonstration of this game mechanics)

They can pick up objects from predefined areas and drop them later.
(or catch themselves into an electromagnetic trap)

Montage vytvoril Bloggif

They can be shot down by a totally random turret...
Montage vytvoril Bloggif

...and repaired by inserting a backup-core into their body.
Montage vytvoril Bloggif

You can also modfiy their atachements with some of the programmable parts.
Montage vytvoril Bloggif

Decouplers can be used to drop attached object whenever you decide to press the key
that is linked to it. So you can activate buttons/ lasers/ etc.

Montage vytvoril Bloggif

Extenders can be for example used to kick down the objects that are blocking the laser
and activate the "bridge".

Montage vytvoril Bloggif

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See ya next time!


Soundtrack is simply phenomenal, I tried to think of anything I could possibly see wrong with it and you have shown me it's not possible.

As for the game, there's something that always bothers me about people who make a title because they feel "inspired". By trying to base a game off of Portal, it can have me and potentially anyone else who views your game with the idea of "Why not just buy Portal or play Portal mods?" It is very difficult to convince anyone in the likes of me to actually just drop about 10$ for something that I could just download off a mod.
Now this isn't to go without saying that the game looks great, it really does catch my eye as another perfect example of indie potential. Sadly, you need to spread away from the look of just another already existing game.

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SimpleGhost Author

Hi and thanks :)
When I say: "This game is inspired by portal" a lot of people think that everything what I am trying to do with this game is to copy it. But the only thing that I am trying to do is to get some of the ideas that worked in Portal and transform them in my own way.
People will always compare games to other famous titles. This game was even compared to antichamber and I was told that it is a total Antichamber rip-off because I posted a screen with a green cube in it :D . I do not get it but in these situations people dont see other 90 % of the totally original game mechanics. They only see that one "cube". This game is still in the middle of its development so I understand that it is hard for other people to imagine what I am actually trying to do with it. But I can assure you that there will be no portals, no robotic potatoes and cubes with hearts painted on them ;)
Thanks for your comment! :)

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This stuff always looks good, the graphical quality is always extremely high. The only thing i still cant see working as smoothly as the rest is the interaction betweeen individual modules (i've said it before but i guess i'll have to wait and see the first level

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I have to say that soundtrack is pure perfection.

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SimpleGhost Author

We are happy to hear that :)

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great sound track, game is looking good. good luck finishing it.

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