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I am getting better at communication( I think). The art is getting done progressively. I haven't worked on programming aspect of the game(so yeah... I haven't been doing anything at all) It is shame on me because I am the only programmer in game and if I don't work, game doesn't get built by itself. I am going to work on programming aspect of the game this week. Hopefully I can come up with some more solid progress by this week.

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I am super pleased by items in the game.

I believe art is core of the game.

I heard some people saying that art is rather minor compared to programming when it comes to indie games.

I think such is not the case. I don't think being indie is an excuse as well to not invest in art.

Art is, regardless of the whether it's indie or not, more than half of the game; art in the defining factor at sight for the player to decide whether to play your game.

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