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Hightown has been hosted at the Fallout Nexus for the past several months. However, recent changes there have made me aware that they do not support mods in progress. Hence I have chosen to move the focus of my mod's promotion and 'community' to the Moddb.

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Now that Hightown is being 'hosted' here, we can expect to see a lot more content added over the months to come. Currently there is a good selection of screenshots showing fairly well the current status of the mods levels and modelling. However right now the bulk of the work is in Quests and Conversations. This is not so easy to show through screenshots. I will add more screenshots when changes or progress in the mod warrant it. A video or two is something I could get around to, though at the moment I am much more interested in just adding content and making progress in the mod itself. Aside from this post, there is no news to be had, but I plan to start adding news or articles which relate to or explain what I am working on in the mod. It is sometimes nice to let others know where you are at, and occasionally, people are even interested to hear!

In anycase, Hightown is here at the Moddb. And happy to be.


Ah, didn't even know you took it down from Nexus :X anywho, it's good to see you around on Moddb (and good to hear there's going to be more updates). What you've put up so far is looking very well-done and here's to things progressing smoothly; can't wait to see more in the future. :)

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cambragol Author

Thanks HounderKnight. I've been here for sometime, only not for this mod. Moddb is a great site.

Anyway, back to modding!

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