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Command the armies of Arnor, Gondor and Rohan in Skirmish and War of the Ring. Arnor and Rohan are fully fledged and on par with the other factions. Fully working Skirmish AI and WotR.

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Arnor Gondor Rohan 1.2


Technical improvements:

  • Fixed leadership bonus for Arnor and Rohan Elite units.
  • No more invisibility for Carthaen.
  • Replaced Carthaen's deadly sniper ability with a single powerful shot.
  • Fixed Spearmen units weapons and armor.
  • Easterlings renamed to Rhun spearmen.
  • Moved peasants to Rohan farm.
  • Changed Dwarven hobbit allies to summon hobbit hordes only and changed button image.
  • Reduced cost of horsemen and peasant shield upgrade from 100 to 50.
  • Added Orc horde upgrades.

Visual improvements:

  • New heavy armor textures. No more golden heavy armor for all factions.
  • General visual improvements to Rohan, Elven and Dwarven units.
  • Improved textures for Dwarven and Elven heros.
  • Summoned dwarven citadel no longer shows fire munitions upgrades. They were removed because they're positioned incorrectly.
  • New Arnor and Rohan portraits.
  • Modified Glorfindl model that removes the spiky pauldrons. Thanks to edain team for granting us permission to use it.

New units:

  • Added spearmen to Arnor, Gondor and Cardolan thanks to Miraak.
  • Split the Rohirrim to lancers and archers.
  • Added Northmen/Men of Rhovanion to Gondor using Rohirrim model.
  • Added Mounted Dunedain Rangers to Arnor thanks to RJ.
  • Added Bree militia to Arnor inn.
  • Added Ithilean swordsmen to Gondor inn thanks to RJ.
  • Added Dale soldiers to Dwarven inn.
  • Added Galadhrim to Elven inn.
  • Added Glittering Caves Guardians to Rohan Inn.
  • Added Orc pikemen to Mordor.
  • Added Goblin pikemen, model from The Dead Player.
  • Added Rhun soldiers, model from xxxMr. Xxxx.


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