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A small update sharing some perspective, reflections, and setting the stage here on moddb for some large changes. Mainly - that my role has shifted within ArmStalker Team's organization, and I am now heavily invested in work around our PVP server. I'm trying as ever to bring onboard some creative western role players who would like to build the start of an English Role Play Community, but it takes lots of time. I won't be updating here with many more creative articles, at least until Fall 2017.

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ArmStalker and Moddb: The Future

written by: Uncle Boom aka Shasta "Шаста"

Hello Everyone!

It's been some time that I have been away - and in the back of my mind I had intended always to continue my role play chronicles... But things have changed quite a bit over the last 2 months.


The opening of the Public PVP server, coupled with the surprise ArmZone Terrain (Screens here are all from ArmZone) , along with this I was asked to be server staff on the public server - which is very fun, very draining at times, and challenging as ever. I'm happy about most of these changes, but I found myself stretched thin.

I meet English Only players daily on the PVP server, and for months I seem to only meet people who don't know anything about this mod. Considering the amount of writing I have done regarding this project over the last year, it's confusing why I don't hear more people who say they have seen a video - or read an article.... It is FAR more common to meet people who tell me that there is NO information about this mod available in English Language. Full stop. They tell me there is no forum, or no english section of the forum... They don't understand anything at all about the mod, and write off most of the features right away.


This is frustrating - but ultimately I have only ever cared about reaching perspective players, fans who are seeing themselves playing the mod as soon as possible. If these people are playing now- I'm happy - for everyone else looking for something to read - well, I'm happy for them too if they find some of my work. I feel conflicted - because in this culture of fence-sitting, where everyone is a critic and everyone has feedback, regardless of what they actually know about a team's work, or it's intended design - I have met many people who seem to only think about the mod when they want to talk about it... They talk usually to me, or on one of the outlets I manage, and that's it. I never see them in the server, I never meet them, things never progress from this angle. I'm a Community Staff member, and I have been trying to inspire some westerners to play with me - among many other secondary goals. It hasn't happened yet, and certainly it has not been helped by the time I spend here writing about it.

CFeJ7o lrQE

I know now that Facebook, Moddb, the late Discord, or even the articles I write on our forums - just don't get seen by the people I am trying to reach. So, having seen this for months and now having at least SOME level of gameplay in common with others who want to Play this mod - I am sharing this news here that I will not be continuing my Role Play Stories, or any other creative articles here above the minimum to keep this page generally up to date about the Development of ArmStalker Online.


I wish you all a Fantastic Summer, and I'll see you in the Zone on the Public PVP/PVE server if you want to play. There is a lot of potential for good Role Play among players who have the heart to learn how we need to do it there - in the "GASP PLEASE NO PVP" server... As Always those with courage, Follow Me.

See you on the Highground!

BUTv3G oc5o

**Moddb - The way you have built your "image" system here - for posts and such - is very very restrictive once you get to the amount of photos I have here on this moddb page. Soon I expect I will only be able to make text articles - for which I'm sure you will be sending me emails informing me that you archive my posts, hurting any popularity you may be trying to inspire me to attain. You need to 1) Look at the Process of designing and building a Moddb page for a mod - from the user's standpoint. 2) Look at articles, and the Image repository you have constructed for our use with them. 3) Pack it with high res images. 4) and Explain to eachother how this is a good design - because it isn't in my opinion - and it needs your attention. Thanks.

INtense! Staff

hey UncleBoom what are the issues you face? Is it adding images to your mods image gallery or to your gallery within your news post? I'd be happy to attempt to address any issues you are facing

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LLIacTa Author

Thanks for reaching out!
Primarily organizing the photos I've uploaded to the image manager. At some point I tried to create subfolders for each new article, even some topics, but I have no way to delete the subfolders, or to move the images I've uploaded without breaking the links - or even at all, it would seem.

I have got way in over my head with the amount of images, and last year I moved to the mountains - meaning my internet isn't the greatest...
I get 12 mbps down, and it still takes over a minute to cache all the little preview images - I noticed that I can't reliably add images until they are all cached, and again, I see no way to organize them all now that they were all just uploaded straight to the image manager.

Also - we are only allowed like, 5 subfolders, yet I still can't find anywhere it is stated. It was a rude awakening, after finding I couldn't organize the images for the articles in the image manager - and that I would not be able to continue organizing them even a little bit - because I was limited to just 5 - 6 folders total.

I've decided to try to host images elsewhere - since I can plug the code into the article the same way, it's just that if the service I use ever went down for some reason - my articles here would be ruined... So I was hoping, however glutinous it is, to host my images and such for moddb, at moddb.

Thanks a lot for reaching out again, sorry that I didn't see this message!

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