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Arms to kill or flowers to steal? Let's find out in yet another update loop!

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Hey there, you happy people you!

There's been some time since the last update, but fear not!1 progress is .. progressing, and FAST! :)

Ok, so over all the "boring" under-the-hood work for the game, we've started design on weapons to aid the fun killing process. Here's some of the weapons so far for each class:

1. Casual class and some good ol' throwing at-other-people's-faces-props:

Image Hosted by

2. Warrior class sticks:

Image Hosted by

3. Wizard sticks:

Image Hosted by

4. Rogue arms:

Image Hosted by

So all these bad and not-so-bad boys are stuff you can find in the world of Mana Aegis for up to rank 1 classes to help you beat up the bad guys.

We'll have another update this week regarding the development itself of Mana Aegis. This one will be a "under the hood" feature which the game is going through.

Virgil, OUT!

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