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new Overwatch-like energy shields implemented into the Armored Squad. Check out the video!

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Hey folks!

I'm Andrey from FoxForceGames.

In today's update I'd like to show you our new Energy Shields. Unlike force fields, that only block some procent of damage, shields stop every single bullet that hits them. However, robot can still be hit by melee attacks or by blast waves. Robot is still vulnerable for attacks from all directions except for the side where he is holding the shield.

While hiding behind the shield, robot can't shoot, neither with his main weapon nor with rocket launchers or mortars. However, he can still perform melee attacks and also use all other abilities.

Energy Shields are highly usefull to defend allies in Control Points and Bomb Delivery multiplayer modes of the game.

So, no more talking. Let's check the video!


As always, I thank you for the attention and wish you to have a great day!

Andrey from FoxForceGames.

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