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Armor and ammo now mimcs the actual NIJ lvl system!

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Armor Penetration Overhaul

I have yet to see a CoP mod that has an armor system that reflects the actual NIJ level classifications, so I've been hard at work on one!

Damage is very heavy to the actor and NPC's. Armor ranges from class IIa armor to class V. If you try to shoot soft tipped bullet's into a high enough class armor, you're not going to kill an enemy. There's a progressive scale that mimics something much more like real life than what is in vanilla stalker.

Most armors come with just torso armor, or torso and head. Upgrades will allow for armom plates to be added to other areas of the body.

Now a picture, so you know I'm actually still working on the game again!!


PS: I need a few beta testers soon. Send me a PM if you're interested :-)

- MacBradley

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MISERY has this IIRC, but you can always expand upon this idea! I have an idea, I'll send you the weapon config files of MISERY (so you wont have to DL the whole mod) and you can take a look at them? :)

Also, very hyped for this mod Brad! Keep it going, and I'd love to be BETA tester! I can even record video for you if you need extensive testing stuff (like, shooting from 5m, 10m, 20, 50m) etc.

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I just looked at Misery's weapon configs because I figured if any mod out there had done what I planned, you guys would have haha. It looks like you guys (Trojan I assume) did something similar to RCOM, where you use very VERY low values for k_ap on all rounds, armor piercing or not. The problem with that, is that something that has a lower AP value is sent to a different algorithm than ammo with k_ap higher than the individual body armor sections. This causes those specific regions to be bypassed all together, instead taking hit_fraction as a multiplier in damage creation. Like I said, mine was setup similar to Misery in the older versions of RCOM. I didn't realized just why things didn't work how I thought they would until I found a thread a while back where some Russian modder figured out the algorithms used.

AAAAAND....I sent you an email regarding the beta! I'll have more details on exactly what I need for testing soon.

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