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Armor Clash now goes into Beta and is available on Steam Store.

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Armor Clash now goes into Beta and is available on Steam Store:

Armor Clash is an RTS game, like those classic RTS games, player can build a base, train troops, and crush down the enemy. In Armor Clash, vehicle units have realistic effects, and players can customize the units to form their unique armies.

This beta version will upgrated into version 1.0 and future verisons for free, players just need buy this game for once, new maps and units are all free to get. There is no in-game purchase, never and forever.

Current Version: beta 0.8
skirmish maps:4
units: 18

By 11.30 beta 0.9
New skirmish map: 2
New units:6

By 12.31 version 1.0
New skirmish map: 2
New units:6
New gameplay features, effects etc

There will also be new maps and units for free after version 1.0


Reminds me of C&C Generals :)

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Wow, i am sucker to get this game :) looks good, but it perhaps need more vegetation? Trees, grasses, for now it look really barren. But is still Beta, hope to see greens :)

Does this has a singleplayer/campaign(bonus)/skirmish vs AI or multiplayer focus RTS?

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Not a professional what comes to these but few tips for gameplay:
Modules breaking; Much like engine breaking and so on.
Not having an actual health bar for units but condition and suitable condition;
Logically, if a tank hull breaks apart, it is quite useless. But if the engine or tracks are broken, you could still use it.
Actual drivers: Not like they would stay inside the tank all the time. What if they would come out?

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