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A look at the armies of the Dark Cabal, the second of 3 factions in turn based strategy game, Shattered Throne.

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With terrible spells of binding and control, the most powerful of sorcerers bend unnatural forces to their will. Foul creatures from the other side fill the ranks of the Black Cabal. It is a determined wave that slowly moves across the land and smothers all life before them, becoming stronger with each death.


Slow and mindless, zombies absorb wounds that would fell any other. This makes them the perfect wall to protect more valuable and vulnerable units.


Armed with bows, these walking dead make up for their lack of toughness by attacking at range, while their bone thin forms make them difficult to target with return fire.


Eternally hungry, the scent of blood drives these creatures to madness. They are equally terrible in death, their diseased bodies poisoning all nearby enemies as they fall.


Their ghostly forms floating effortlessly across any obstacle, the cry of the banshee instills fear in their victims, causing them flee away in terror.


Serving as commanders, the deathknight empowers nearby forces with increased aggression and unholy attacks that strengthens the resolve of their forces. Even when defeated, the deathknight continues the fight as a zombie.


Lesser sorcerers in the dark arts, but still formidable. Necromancers fire shadow fire from afar, which will cause any enemy thus slain to rise under their power as a zombie. They also can cause a frenzy in their undead brethren, allowing an ally one last surge of action before causing them to explode spectacularly.


Capable of flying great distances, these princes of the undead thrive on operating behind enemy lines and picking off isolated units.


Existing partially in both the realms of life and death, their ghostly attacks slice indiscriminately through any armor, and each nearby death, friend or foe, permanently increases their strength.


Small skeletal ships that excel at tying up the enemy by crashing into them and entangling their rigging.

UndeadNaval1Ghost ship

Spectral ships drift across the oceans silently, offering a secure method to transport units.

All details are subject to change in the name of balance and flavor

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