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News on Ark of Nephilim's server deployment and news on zone development.

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Servers, zones, and Linux.

For most people here these three words are no stranger. This entire month we have been working furiously on deploying our Linux server applications to test performance. Lo and behold! It worked beautifully. We also tested windows server. Performance gain was incredible over windows server. We are working on squeezing every single drop of performance we can by optimizing out code. We plan on doing some stress tests here soon. Among the server testing is the scripts. Since Ark of Nephilim will be focusing on random attacks and instance quests it’s important for us to be able to code a server that can handle many scripts, and in the event the servers cannot handle the scripts the ability for the main server to send the script to another node in the hive and put the load on that server and so forth. We are taking an optimizers look on this, as we should be. However, we are limited on funds and equipment, so this sort of stuff is crucial.

Onto the zones portion of this news article. I will have some pretty cool screen shots up of the tutorial area for the humans. We set the zone development by tasking the world designers to first draw out every zone, placing strategic location for enemy’s to attack, and locations for defense. This way we can see how everything plays out. This also works in helping us determine if it fits the gameplay or the story line. So we are working on knocking out the humans and the neutral zones first. Then onto the Nephilim’s and so forth. In about a week I will upload some new screen shots. Keep in mind these screen shots will still be a heavy W.I.P as we have not yet created custom shaders and so on.

So tell us what you want to see or what you think?

Just a reminder really quick the Ark of Nephilim fundraiser is still active. If you contribute you can get some pretty sick in game stuff. As always we also have a facebook, or you can check out our main site.


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