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First Official Trailer for the upcoming single man development title ARENA 3D. 45 seconds of 1080p 60fps video delivered like a punch to the face!

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After a good few months of development it is time to bring ARENA 3D to the outside world. As a single man team, promotion can take up as much time as the development itself, so if you like what you're about to see please share with your friends and family to help spread the word :)

I'll leave you with the trailer, I hope you enjoy it! For more information, please visit the Steam Store page for ARENA 3D. Also, below the video are some stills from the trailer itself for your eyes to feast on.

Brand new screenshots for ARENA 3D

ARENA Trailer 1 0002752

ARENA Trailer 1 0002951

ARENA Trailer 1 0003838

ARENA Trailer 1 0001140

ARENA Trailer 1 0002147

ARENA Trailer 1 0001550


Very cool, at long last no more hoard mode square boxes

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