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New features - Bugfixes - Work on Level 3 - Steam?

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A new version did hit the servers [ version 0.87 ]
Includes bugfixes and new features!

One of the best features I think is the Throw Power bar!
Now you have a little more understanding of how much power does your robot apply to throw an item away!

Or just drop it.


Playtested latest previous build and found some nice bugs!
A quick list of found bugs and fixes:

  • Some buttons were impossible to click with the mouse
  • Some tasks did not complete with trigger features
  • Improved item picking/throwing
  • Fixed robot antenna glitches
  • Improved performance with shader preload
  • Eliminated possible stuck places [ physics makes wonders ]
  • Updated engine version for better performance

Work on Level 3 is happening slowly, but steady.
Latest shot from Level 3:

Level3WIP 1

Also, a new feature like breakable boxes will be available for your investigation!
It will fully depend on you how to get those goodies!


Created a laser playground with a task for the users that like a bit challenges:


Played around with Post-processing and hopefully improved the visual layout:


Also did make a Steam page, so that it motivates me more on completing Area 86 :D
You can add Area 86 to your wishlist now!

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