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This patch upgrades Arctic Warfare to version 0.11 and fixes all yet known bugs.

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Arctic Warfare Patch

Version 0.11

First of all, let me thank you guys for submitting all the feedback and posting the reviews.
I would have never expect that I'd get so positive feedback.

But there were also some bugs remaining, which I fixed now.
The detailed patchnotes are:

-The scope size on the C7 (M16) is downsized and sharped
-The Accuracy on the Assaults C7 (M16) is increased
-Fixed a bug where bots get stucked in the entry to the bunker
-Fixed a bug where bots get stucked on rocks near the bunker
-Fixed a texture bug at the bunkers surface
-Added correct flag textures for the UAV Controlcenter
-The snowmobile is now better controllable
-Added a lot more snow effects
-Fixed some lightmaps issues

Thanks to TrCm007 for the detailed bug report :)

Do I need the patch?

If you downloaded this mod before March 8th 2013 you'll need to download the patch.

Download the patch
Arctic Warfare: V0.1 to V0.11 Patch

Updated Versions:
Of course we also updated the downloads for the existing version, which you can download here:

Download the Full Version:
Arctic Warfare Version 0.1

Download the Server Files (Only necessary if you want to setup a server without having to download the complete mod)
Arctic Warfare Serverfiles - Version 0.11

I'll announce the first event in the next days, so stay tuned!



Awesome, hopefully next update will remove AA ;)

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since it doesnt replace things like objects_client and makes a new file called objects_client_patch, do i have to take whats in objects_client_patch and put them into objects_client?

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Dementium4ever Author

No, just install it and it should work fine. When Arctic Warfare loads up, it lets the files from the overwrite the files from, don't worry :'P

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Ok thx for telling me

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The update makes quite a bit of improvements. Great work!

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