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A update of Archer Legends I. There is a video and some pictures of the new content in the game.

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Archer Legends I(DV0.2)

In this update we added a very importnant gameplay feature: Crouching!
It´s going to have stealth elements because sneaking is awesome!!!

We made some 3d models(low poly) that are not to heavy for the Blender Game Engine.
In the following videos you can see that we removed the awesome camera effects because it was to
heavy for the Engine. In this Update you can see 3 new models that look in my opinion good for this engine:

A Basket:

Archer Legends Objects

Some sort of wooden planks:

Archer Legends Objects

An a BARREL ´cause you know... barrel:

Archer Legends Objects

You can open the entrance from a secret hole to a room. This is a example of some secret ways in houses.

We hope you like this little update and because i´m in a modelling fever there come more updates in short time.

If you have some minutes of your important lifetime for us please give us feedback.

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