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Arcana Kira alpha 6 came out last Friday & the open world was easy to see for literally miles in the game... with no fog or atmospheric conditions. Luckily, there's a new alpha each Friday, and in Alpha 7 you get a much more beautiful landscape, obscured by multiple layers of fog & atmosphere. New tonemapping, HDR & Bloom tweaks help make the colors & the entire game more vibrant. German, Japanese, and Russian languages were added for most of the game as well. Overall, a huge update.

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You can play Arcana Kira Alpha 7 now. Here's some screenshots from the new weekly update Alpha 7:

arcana kira alpha7 screenshot 10

arcana kira alpha7 screenshot 05

arcana kira alpha7 screenshot 04

Here are a few images with the language setting set to Japanese (note, these shots were taken before the addition of the fogs and HDR tweaks, so use them to compare. Look at the wheels & distance for instance.)

ak japan2

ak japan

The launcher now has the ability to switch between the available languages, which changes in realtime.

For a more complete list of updates to Arcana Kira, checkout this link:

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