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Arcade Mode aims to bring the fast paced point accumulation action similar to that seen in Doom 2016 to Blood. Paint the town red and kill everything you see to increase your points and score multiplier. Level up and collect Skulls to further increase your multiplier, pickup devastating power ups and enter into a bloodlust frenzy.

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How To Install

  1. Place the "Arcade Mode v2.1" folder in your "Blood" folder.
  2. Run "Install Arcade Mode.bat"
  3. Play the game.

How To Uninstall

  1. Run "Uninstall Arcade Mode.bat"

Changes from v2.0

  • Added some ambient music on startup
  • Level up score requirements changed
  • There's Big Trouble in Little China. Press the Use key when a Meat Cleaver from a Fat Zombie throws one at you to pick it up and instantly throw it back at him for an instant kill. As Caleb remarks "It's all in the reflexes". The Meat Cleaver's speed is now randomized and damage was increased from 10 to 15.
  • Fixed minor ammo issues with dual weapons when infinite guns akimbo was on.
  • Picking up enemy dynamite is more accurate. There's now a small cooldown before you can try to pickup enemy dynamite again. Decreased the pickup radius a bit. You can now pickup enemy dynamite that is triggered on impact.
  • Ammo regen amounts changed
  • Made the pickup radius for Relics a little bigger
  • Stone Gargoyle Blast no longer fires ahead of player on the z axis.
  • Cerberus no longer dances around in his lava pool. His fireballs xy offset are randomized a bit so you can't stand between them. Removed his slow and low damaging hell fire attack at close range. Bite Damage increased from 19 to 57.
  • Bloodlust gives higher multiplier and lowered players move speed a bit.
  • Increased Skull multiplier amount more
  • Relics move slower in the water
  • New Skull: Tadah, pickup an enemys dynamites and throw it back at them.
  • New Skull: Reflexes, throw a meat cleaver and get an instant kill on a fat zombie.


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