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This huge list of really awesome changes is coming soon in the next version. I think everyone is going to be having a more fun chaotic time with the inclusion of the Explosive Objects and powerups. Things just got a lot more explosive.

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This huge list of really awesome changes is coming soon in the next version. I think everyone is going to be having a more fun chaotic time with the inclusion of the Explosive Objects and powerups. Things just got a lot more explosive.

List Of Changes Coming Soon

  • When the level ends, for all vanilla maps, a Total Score screen is displayed. Press the Use key or wait for 5 seconds to continue.
  • Added a new powerup, Explosive Kills. Whenever an enemy is killed it will explode. The powerup hud icon is located in the top right just below the score so you can tell when it's on or off. The icon will start to blink when it is close to running out.
  • Quickly grab the new pickup, Relic, to get lots of points. The faster you pick it up the more points you get. It bounces around everywhere so it may not be so easy.
  • New Explosive Object added in all maps for all the episodes. These hover around in the air and when shot will cause a chain of deadly explosions causing certain death for anything close by and the new relic pickup will spawn for you to grab for more points.
  • Went through all 53 maps in all 6 episodes and added more enemies, a tiny bit more pickups and explosive kills powerups, and the new explosive objects.
  • Points gained for pickups and killing things were altered.
  • New voxels for: Torch, Tommygun, plants, TCoil, ELECTROB, Proxy/Remote Dynamite, various billboard signs and pictures
  • Now using the unused voxels that were already in Blood Fresh Supply: Railing1, Railing2, Railing3, Vase, Firesuit, Electro.
  • Bloodlust now: lasts for 60 seconds, persists after the map ends, all enemies will spawn more gibs, Jump Height has been set back to normal, armor lowered from 150% to 125%, and the explosion wave effect looks better.
  • Gibs no longer block actors and don't count towards activating Bloodlust
  • Diving suit lasts twice as longer
  • Bug Fix: Scripting serialization was redone for all Arcade and BP_Util systems. This needed to be done to bypass a bug that exists in the kDict class where you can only add a certain amount of key/values before the game crashes (which also exists in all current Kex games).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a railing in E2M2 that had a levelHack def that turned off it's voxel.
  • Bug Fix: Axe Zombies will no longer keep attacking dead targets in their ponder state.
  • Bug Fix: Fat Zombie projectiles will now aim towards their target using the z axis
  • Bug Fix: Stone Gargoyles can now attack the player when they're ducking
  • Bug Fix: Flesh Gargoyles can now attack the player when they're ducking
  • Stone Gargoyles will no longer respawn when the "Monsters Respawn" option is on
  • Flesh Gargoyles bone throw attack damage increased from 12 to 32 and it hits every tick instead of every other tick and it's collision size was tripled.
  • You can shoot Axe Zombies when they are on the ground in their recoil state.
  • Tripled Tchernobog Health
  • When picking up the ReflectiveShots Powerup the players palette is no longer overridden with the dark water palette
  • Shotgun/Tommy Cultists now have a tiny delay before entering their fire state. "Cultist Attack Aggression" difficulty option effects the length of their reaction time.
  • Shotgun Cultists fire half the amount of bullets
  • You can now throw enemy dynamite back by pressing the Use key when near non impact triggered dynamite.
  • Sound and visual fx now plays when your multiplier increases
  • Added a new console command option to toggle the sound when multiplier increases
  • Fixed the first letter in the first message from not appearing
  • Fixed the points not being multiplied by the full multiplier. It was only using the base multiplier before.
  • Map time and total play time is now displayed in console Arcade results
  • Increased Spray Can damage from 8 to 14 and burn time from (ticks + diff << 2) to 24
  • If you have a doctors bag and your health is below 25 it will be automatically used
  • Added a Console Command, call healthhelp, to toggle the doctors bag from being automatically used.
  • New Skull, Memento. Collect 3 relics.
  • Pitchfork damaged changed from 17 to 26
  • When you take damage you will only lose multiplier if you lose more than 2 health points.
  • Changed how Skulls work slightly. You don't lose Skulls anymore. Skulls give a lot less multiplier when killings things. Every 12 skulls will show as 1 bigger red skull.
  • Headless Skull now requires 4 Zombie Head kills
  • Footsy Skull now requires you to kick 4 different kickable objects within 20 seconds from each other
  • Changed the Delirium Powerup max value from 3600 to 900 and it's tilt and turn effect has been reduced by half.
  • Proximity Dynamite changes: Alt Fire is now the same as the primary fire except it throws out 3 bundles instead of 1, and the dynamite arms twice as fast.
  • Remote Dynamite changes: Primary Fire throws dynamite, if you have no ammo will click detonator. Alt Fire clicks the detonator and you are now able to detonate as soon as you have thrown the dynamite.
  • Life Leach Staff changes: Primary Fire base damage increased from 7 to 20, You lose ammo/health 3 times slower, and if your holding the fire button down at the end of the animation it will immediately go into the next primary fire animation.
  • Voodoo Doll changes: Much better targeting functionality. Both primary and alt fires can hit spiders, Pods, and Pod Tentacles. Zombies waiting under the Earth will no longer be targeted. Primary Fire consumes less ammo and will not hurt you if there's no target. Alt fire no longer uses all ammo and the damage it deals no longer depends on the amount of ammo you have.

Nice dude.

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