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This is a joke about Rifle-Units that will end up in game.

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wfa 1 1Okay so this article is about industry in Middle-Earth. After Saruman discovered gunpowder, he equiped his uruks with them and made a Rifle-Uruk combination.

During the Helm's Deep Rohan found out about this and equiped it with a blade on the edge of it, calling it "bayonet".

Later on Pelennor Fields, Gondor found a better use of them. They made a lot bigger one and put Pippin inside of them to drive them.

Sauron found Gunpowder long ago but some funny orcs added this to others' draughts which resulted a explosive combination. How funny.

Elves found this at 2nd age but they refused to use Gunpowder because they didn't want to burn the forests.

So I decided to add this feature to game!

Uruk Riflemen: Good in range and damage, but they lack the power to attack in melee.


Rohan Bayonets: They have a look of 18th century soldier. Good at melee and range but doesn't have much armor. Bows are out of stock.


Tank Pippin: This will replace "Pippin" as a hero vehicle. Pippin will smash down enemy and attack them with his tank. Can't target sky though.


Draught-Jokers: Those guys found a better use to use Gunpowder. They are just throwing them to the enemy and a giant explosion! Only weakness is barrels sometimes mistaken with draught barrels, not good things happens later.


That's all for today! Take care!

NumenoreanTalion Author
NumenoreanTalion - - 1,331 comments

For people who will ask what happened to the older article, I deleted it mistakenly so needed to re-write it. But today is not all about this aritcle of course. Check out new Boromir model:

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Argeomer - - 5,582 comments

AHAHAHAHAHA i loved this artcile xD
This is awesome! Pippin with a little tank! Rohan Bayonettes, with muskets who actually look good! There could be perhaps a gunpowder mod for BFME, could be a cool system! :) Of course a lot would have to change but it could be fun (wouldn't be Lotr, that's for sure)

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NumenoreanTalion Author
NumenoreanTalion - - 1,331 comments

Lol yeah it was a fun to write this article :D

If you want to see more gunpowder activity, I suggest you to check out TROW mod. If I am not wrong they have Uruk-Hai Arquebusiers, worth a try :P

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Argeomer - - 5,582 comments

im following that mod and i did not know they had Uruk-hai Arquebusiers xD

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