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LoM has been approved by Apple, it's time to start marketing.

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Today, Apple completed their review for Letters of Marque, and the application is officially "Ready for Sale!" The review did take longer than expected so the release date will be moved to Sunday, December 15th. This is to give game reviewers a full 4 weeks to complete their reviews, and hopefully the result will be an audience waiting to play the game on the release date.
According to every resource I can find on the subject, Sunday seems to be the best day to go live. Christmas is also a wonderful time to be in the App store (or so I have heard), so I am hoping that everything combined will propel this game to a successful launch. Over the next few days, I will be contacting most the review sites on my list and providing them with a promo code. I have 180 contacts total, though some only offer paid reviews and I will be skipping over those.
Thanks to the folks on Reddit, I have also learned of the site which will distribute promo codes to people who click a link. Depending on how many review sites in my list are paid sites, this may come in useful.
Here's to a busy weekend!

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