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Hello folks! OVIVO is now available on App Store!!!

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We took advice from our players and improved several things to make UI more friendly for players on mobile devices

Here is a short video which shows most of the new features.

The list of all new features.

  1. Three control types: buttons, joystick and tilt.
  2. We really like the concept of golden ratio in visual design. That why we made level selection menu shaped as a spiral based on golden ratio - it feels very intuitive for selecting levels and it also looks awesome.
  3. We made levels shorter - which is more familiar for mobile players.
  4. Many players complained that in OVIVO there is no option to zoom the level map picture after they finished the level - So we’ve added this option too.
  5. Added a restart button in the pause menu.
  6. We’ve added a fluid like effect when character switches colors and it looks pretty awesome!
  7. We’ve added more incentive for the players to collect dots and symbols.

Thanks and GLHF!

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