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Here once again to quench your thirst for knowledge of all the goings on at Apex Studios, this time bringing you 3 nice little things we're sure you'd love to see...

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United Nations Space Command PR-TRANSMISSION 44877W-97
Encryption Code: Red
Public Key: file /hotel-four-three-nine/
Classification: Restricted

/start file/
What's that? You want an update? ...well I suppose I could put something together for you... There you go, two shiny new things and an up to date scale chart, how's that?

You want me to write things about it too?

...well that's just greedy, but fine. First up we have the Covenant counterpart to the nice new tank we showed you last time, a W.I.P look at the Wraith:

Apex Studios Update 11/12/2010

Coming to H:CaW atyled as it was seen in Halo: Combat Evolved, the Covenant Wraith is a familiar face to all who have played any Halo game, capable of raining fire across a considerable portion of the battlefield this mortar tank is a constant threat to UNSC forces.


We've done a few of these in the past, but never in colour before, so I now present to you our considerably sized space scale chart:

Apex Studios Update 11/12/2010

From right to left:

  • Covenant CBC Corvette,
  • UNSC Mako Corvette,
  • UNSC Prowler,
  • UNSC Athens,
  • Covenant Light Cruiser
  • UNSC Frigate,
  • UNSC Heavy Frigate,
  • UNSC Light Destroyer,
  • UNSC Genesis Destroyer,
  • Covenant Destroyer,
  • UNSC Halcyon Cruiser,
  • UNSC Marathon Cruiser,
  • UNSC SMAC Platform,
  • UNSC Orion Battleship,
  • Covenant CCS Battlecruiser,
  • Covenant Reverance Cruiser,
  • Covenant Carrier,
  • UNSC Phoenix Refit,
  • Covenant Assault Carrier.

A little something extra...

This is certainly something that is long overdue, a few months ago we revealed our UNSC HUD, but up until now we've kept you in the dark as to the state of the Covenant one, here it is, a WIP preview of the Covenant HUD (along with some nice shiny pictures of space ):

Apex Studios Update 11/12/2010Apex Studios Update 11/12/2010
Apex Studios Update 11/12/2010

Oh, by the way

Mod of the Year Awards
Your vote would be greatly appreciated, with your help we can make H:CaW's best year so far even better.

See you in a couple weeks

This is the end of this update, but never fear, we shall return in two weeks with our christmas special, see you then.

/end file/

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Wizardknight - - 83 comments


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Green_Lightning - - 20 comments

On the scale chart you skipped over the manta ray looking thing between the athens and the frigate. I've been trying to figure out what that is, but I can't. What is it?

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AnhNhan - - 543 comments

That should be the Covenant Light Cruiser then

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Blamtroid Author
Blamtroid - - 985 comments

Whoops, sorry I didn't notice that, that's the Covenant Light Cruiser, I've edited the list so it's in there now :).

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zone779 - - 9 comments

any chance that your christmas special will release any new demo content

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Blamtroid Author
Blamtroid - - 985 comments

That's highly unlikely.

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zone779 - - 9 comments

sad face :(

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