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Regarding the Future of Aperture Adventures in one way.

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Welcome back. First off, I found a way to bring the Portal 2 editor back to working! As well as Hammer.

Now, thing is, up until this point, the mod has NO voicelines, which is why I toot the Next leap forward- and decided to add the voice lines. :) Captions are on their way and the mod only has 1 map with working sound, but it's something. Now, since I don't want this update to be ALL updates, I'm going to tell you the easiest way to incorporate custom voicelines into your mod.

First, record voicelines, and make sure they're in .wav. Next, add a directory in your mod's folder called "sound". After that, dump your sound folders in there. Optionally also put them into the sound folder in Portal 2/portal2, but hey, that's just me. Now, in your hammer file, make ambient_genercis to house your file. Once you're done and run, you may not here it, but put it in your mod's folder regardless, and once you load the maps in your mod, open the developer console and type this into it.


It should now work, after you give it a few restarts.

Thanks for listening.

Well, off to play [P2MOD] Mind Escape.

(Turret Voice) Good night. Shutting Down...


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