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Even though I can't get any map work done doesn't mean that I can't change stuff!

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Welcome back! I asked, you answered, and, well, I think this needs some backstory.

A week ago, I made an article about hammer no longer working, but luckily, I could still do some stuff.

An example is the logo. Previously, the logo looked like this: apad3

But here were the results of the poll:Screenshot 96

So this is the new logo, inspired by Repercussions:

aperture 2

Hey, you chose it, not me.

Also, I changed the cross-hair due to me stumbling across Stay Inside (that could not have aged more well) and thinking about the logo and how well it could be used as a crosshair.

Here's the new crosshair:crosshair

It's not major, but still, it needed to be changed.

And that concludes this minor update.

Well, off to play VP Laboratories.

(Turret Voice) Good night. Shutting Down...


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