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New record store interior being run by a hipster cashier that is soooo over it.

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I've still been working on fixing some bugs and adding to the level content. My most recent interior is a record store where you crash in and fight more Yakuza. At first I was banging my head against the desk because as cool as that setting would be it means I need to design like 100 records to put on the wall. Then I thought to myself "you aren't releasing this game yet, do it later" and am now just using a lot of my favorite rock albums as placeholder art.

All this go me thinking about how apathetic people get about their jobs when it gets routine and I thought it'd be pretty great to have a cashier who couldn't care less about the mess in front of her. As if she's sees it everyday.

I got such a good laugh out of this that I think I'm going to try and create more NPCs that are going about their daily routine desensitized to the extreme violence in front of them.


You can try and ask the fans to create some custom art for the posters. You can make it into a contest or whatever.

If nobody sends you posters you lose nothing (but gain nothing, too). But you might get some surprisingly good and funny art you can use in the game and save you some time. Or, if you're really lucky, you could get a ton of great art, which you could use to put in the shops, walls, etc.

Don't underestimate the power of the fans!

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stuhp84 Author

I'm totally digging this suggestion. I will definitely try this out when replacing the placeholder art. It's one of those "what do I have to lose?" scenarios. Thanks!

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