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Apartment Raiding Update: Hacking, Security Items and Upgrades, Inventory Filters, Server Browser Update, and more Modding Capabilities.

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Apartment Raiding Official Launch

A huge update is landing for Broke Protocol today. You’ll find big changes to UI, new items, altered game meta, and tons of fixes. This update is the result of a public vote, and represents a more community-driven development cycle planned for 2021 and beyond. It’s been in the making for a while, so let’s finally dive into the Apartment Raiding Update 1.13.

Apartment Hacking


Up until now, apartments were a walled garden for criminals. A safe haven from law enforcement or other potential foes. It was especially convenient if you owned a place near a bank, and could make a quick getaway after a heist. This meta is dead – Apartments can finally be hacked and raided. The difficulty depends on the Security level so make sure to keep your place upgraded and decked out with gear. For hacking: Probe locations and mark the intersection of probe lines until all bugs are found. Stay sharp though – Fumbling the hack will gain you a wanted level.

Inventory Filters


Inventories are finally more manageable with this update. You’ll find new filters at the top of different menus. You can separate items into different categories which makes equipping items or shopping for furniture much more convenient. Make sure you browse the Security items so both you and law enforcement will be notified if a trespasser is detected in your properties.

Server Browser Updates


The Server Browser sees a long awaited update in 1.13. Servers can now use color codes/tags for their server names and even set a URL for launching directly with a button press. Also new is an option add a server to your Favorites. Favorited servers will always be at the top of your serverlist. Manage your Favorites and History using the the relevant tab buttons near the top.

Bigger and Better Modding Support


Servers get some additional modding capabilities too. They can sync animation parameters for any type of entity with an animator component, not just players. They can request to open URLs on clients (with a safe permission request first). Also big overhaul mods are better supported – large mods would timeout before quite often, especially on mobile. The Workshop Browser and Uploader have both also been fixed to be more reliable now.

Other Changes


A lot of other much needed fixes made it into the 1.13 release. Spectator cameras and chase cameras are both more reliable and steady. A bunch of World Builder fixes were added and player animations are better handled especially around firing and processing items. Player movement physics will feel slightly faster and more fluid than before.

Note Google Play only supports Android 10+ apps now. But I’ll always keep an updated Android 7+ APK at Broke Protocol Downloads.

Here’s the full v1.13 changelog:

v1.13 Apartment Raiding Changelog

  • Added hackable apartments with minigame
  • Added upgradable apartment security panel levels
  • New Items: SurveillanceCamera, MotionSensor, SecurityCamera, Tripwire, DomeCamera
  • Security items trigger Tresspassing crimes and notify owner
  • Around 10% increase in Player max speed and smoother movement and friction
  • svPlayer.SvOpenURL() function added for requesting URL opening on clients
  • Server names with color codes now supported
  • Added Favorites and History tabs to Server Browser
  • Servers now can set a URL for display/opening in the server list
  • Added Item Filters to Equipment and Furniture menus
  • Fixed broken item previews for some clothing mods
  • Added network packet support for Vector2 type
  • More reliable image loading timeout
  • AssetBundles loaded asynchonously (fixes mobile timeout with many mods)
  • ShProperty components can be multi-edited in Unity again
  • Workshop Browser fixes and improvements
  • Added Change Notes section to Workshop Uploader
  • Fixed occasional deadlocks with Workshop Uploader
  • PrisonKey can now be placed on ground
  • Added AudioPlayer class and CityAmbience world object (added to Default map)
  • World Builder: Fixed memory leaks
  • World Builder: Fixed missing properties on objects after on Duplicating
  • World Builder: Added Entity Show/Hide in Layers Panel
  • World Builder: Fixed dragging input fields not updating values in real-time
  • Support for random amount of Jails in a map (selected from randomly)
  • Report common map errors on load (no spawn locations or jails placed)
  • Added vehicle/mount stances for modding: StandStill, CrouchStill, StandFixed, CrouchFixed
  • Fixed ghost ammo on simultaneous sprint/shoot
  • Clear recoil animation when entering sprint
  • Removed crime penalties/fines for default/citizen job
  • Processor options can now require an item equipped (ie. Auto-equip Axe to chop down trees)
  • All entity types can now have an animator property set and respond to SvAnimate packets
  • Added SvAnimatorEnabled function/packet
  • Renamed all SvAnimate* functions to SvAnimator* for consistency
  • Added new AI WanderState for Prisoner AI (waypointless navigation)
  • Removed Obsolete chatted and trySell Cooldown queues (declare your own like in GameSource)
  • Boosted physics update send rate
  • Fixed camera glitching related to Teleport/Summon while Spectating
  • Fixed 3rd-person camera jitter
  • Fixed incorrect focal point when moving Camera In/Out
  • GameSource: TransferItem and DestroySelf (Suicide) events added
  • Update to latest Unity Engine (note: Cloth physics are disabled for now due to Engine bug)
  • Update to latest networking and database libraries
  • Masterserver updates (Location moved to Server Info and newer GeoIP lookup)

See you!


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