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We have resumed work on Age of Petty Kings! Here's a quick rundown of the changes:

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We have resumed work on Age of Petty Kings! Here's a quick rundown of the changes:

One reason that I originally canceled 2.0 (apart from the obvious) was feature creep. As such, I'm scaling things back a bit for this next release. Specifically, the Wildlings and Night's Watch will not be playable in 2.0, and some of the other previously offered features will not be included. Instead these are the changes that I am going for:

1) Expanded/Detailed Map: On top of extending the map all the way up to the Wall, I've added tons of new settlements all over Westeros. This includes expanding most islands, and just generally adding more castles to fill in the empty spaces. I'll be coming very close to the settlement cap of 200, and you can view a preview of the new map from this mod page!

2) Re-Balanced Campaign: Firstly, a big shout-out to everyone who participated in AOPK Hotseating, as it has provided great insight into what needs to be tweaked for a more balanced game. The biggest changes have to do with nerfing Greyiron by making Great Wyk and Harlaw start as rebels, and removing Sunderland entirely (island factions were a bit too OP in the games thus far). Also, islands will have reduced recruitment capabilities, as they are working from a much smaller population base. Obviously there are tons of major and minor changes to all the other factions as well. I'm not promising a perfectly balanced game, but at least Lannister and Reyne won't be overrun by turn 5 .

3) Better Looking/Re-Balanced Rosters: The current rosters in 2.0 are all looking MUCH better than they did in 1.0, in large part thanks to the models/textures provided by the Rusichi Total War Team (and many others, go rep those guys in the credits). As such, I'm going back through the existing rosters and updating them with new shields/skins/etc so that they look way better than they did in 1.0. I'm also re-balancing the units for the battlefield, with Pikemen and Longbowmen both getting major nerfs.

4) Expanded Lore: Now that World of Ice and Fire is out, I'll be expanding the map to include many new settlements and conflicts described therein. I'll be fudging things a bit to make the most interesting wars in each region all happen at the same time, but I think its worth it here. Honestly, who knows if Nymeria's Landing lined up with the Rape of the Three Sisters?

StellarAngel - - 546 comments

Awesome :D I must tell you, this is my favorite themed mod on M2TW so far.

Will wait the 2.0 version, as long as its released before the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves ;)

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SWBladeWolf - - 2 comments

Awesome news! Thanks for everything so far, can't wait for more.

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Flying.Spectacles - - 34 comments

Do you still have the Wildling and Night's watch stuff? If so, you could include it in 3.0, if you decide to continue the mod, i'd just like to express how amazing this mod is, my favourite M2 TW mod by far, i was upset when it went south a few months ago, but im hyped now, can't wait for 2.0 to be released, thank you Admiral Thrawn for continuing to be awesome :)

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