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This article will mostly talk about the most annoying things that has been posted in many different ways like this one...The main point of this ? Easy ! There a large amount of place for any people who wants to join the development of the mod such has those -> Mappers - Modeler - Texturer - Music Composer - Sound FX Designer - Voice Actor and few more...

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Hello World !

Greenyred here. The leader of Portal: Last Hope or PLH for short.

Basically, this article is for the one who wants to help and want to be seen for their first ever time in a credits at the end of the mod. Might sounds stupid, but i'd know peoples who just want to work just to see their names in a ending credits lol, but anyway as the Summary said there a large amount of place free for joining the team. Note that this article is not forcing you to join - it's more kinda a request or a choice.

What do we need for now ? Here what you can help in !

Mapping - Modeling - Texturing - Voice Acting - Music/SFX Designing - Concept Art(s) Designing and some more...

And many of my friends told me about updating this page, well be glad that since the last article A LOT has been made i didnt had the time of taking pic of all of them, but most of the new work are currently in developement, you just have to check out the latest pic i've uploaded few mins ago and hopefully you guys are looking forward for those !

So, that's pretty it for now, but as i said any help would be very, very appreciated, but still it's up to you at this point...

Hopefully this article was not a pain to read and as always --- Have a nice day !

Greenyred out.

HashtagMC - - 49 comments

I do music for a hobby, so if you need a soundtrack, I'd be glad to help (I've got electric & acoustic guitars, bass, keyboard & software). Same goes for voice acting (male, bass vocal range, fluent-but-not-mother-tongue English), in case you need some. Mapping, not so much - I'm pretty good with scripted sequences and logic stuff, but less so with architecture.

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OskiWolf Author
OskiWolf - - 335 comments

You're welcome here and yes i'd like musics - voice acting for an AI and side of mapping it's fine but im bad in scrited sequences and logic stuffs so you could tips me about those. Except that, contact me via Steam if you want more info...

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MNQdd - - 13 comments

Hello again, Greenyred. I would love to participate in the development of the mod. I could write music, create sounds, maybe some concept art. Unfortunately my Steam is currently broken, so, is there any other way you could contact me? Any ways, I like what you're doing with the mod, keep up the great work!

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XIVTrahsion - - 187 comments

I am VERY interested in this mod, looking for work and I can do music, mapping, very minor coding, and sound effects, ambient ETC. Message me if you are interested.

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OskiWolf Author
OskiWolf - - 335 comments

Hey, we'd need that kind of person right now! ( Who can make music, SFX,etc ) I'm indeed interested of having you in my team! And im glad that you're interested in our work :D

Either contact me on Steam or Discord
Steam: Greenyred
Discord: Greenyred#1176

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Secret_Coming - - 1,057 comments

If you are still looking for people I can beta test and do a Brazilian translation. (Probably a bit of story writting). I can also try and compose lines for already established characters, and if you want a voice actor with Brazilian accent for whatever reason I can also do that!

BTW I am already on your friendlist, the name's _galaxy with the picture of the half-sad doggo

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