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A week of great progress, and a preliminary release date!

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So another week has passed, and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

Last weekend me and Rick met up and worked on the mod together. People say that the weather was nice outside, we are not able to confirm or deny that. The weekend was extremely productive, and we managed to get, amongst others, the following things added :

-Color correction
All maps now have color correction, which makes them look quite a bit nicer.

-Detail sprites/models
Ground materials such as grass or dirt generate grass sprites and rocks models. We are still arguing how dense it should be.

-Intro sequence
The opening sequence has received a pretty substantial facelift.

-Animated skies
All three maps have unique skies now, and they're even animated! Clouds move!

-Voice acting
Voice acting has been implemented.

-Animated waves
The water sections now have animated waves.

We also worked more on general polish and art-pass stuff. The plan now is to get all three maps wrapped up until next weekend. I will then send it out for another round of testing, while I go away on vacation for a week. Once I get back, hopefully my email inbox will be full of feedback, hopefully none of it requiring large re-designs, and then we will get started on the final stretch of development, leading up to a release!

To say it in a shorter way, we are aiming to release in July! Fingers crossed!

To wrap this up, here are some comparison screenshots of the progress on MIMP2.

Mission Improbable 2 - Underpass comparison Mission Improbable 2 - Steam Tunnel comparison Mission Improbable 2 - Bridge comparison

Hope you like the look of it! Please tell your friends, family and loved ones of Mission Improbable, when we release we want as many as possible to play it!


nais :D can't wait to betatest it

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I like the weekly updates and progress, this mod has alot of soul, and the screens show it! Nice work.

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Since clouds and water is animated, is the grass/trees getting animated too?

Anyways, looks fantastic. Can't wait to play it!

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awesome, this may be the best source mod!

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