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A pretty necessary update on where I'm at with this project right now.

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Why haven't I been doing anything?

Welp, there's three reasons. One is Fallout 4, which is a simple and self explanatory reason.

The second is lack of motivation: I haven't exactly really cared enough to do anything on the Overgrowth editor in a little while, though I've recovered and I'm sure that I will be able to get back into making levels once I can.

And the most important and noteworthy reason: a210-a211.

These new Overgrowth updates really, really change my workflow on the Overgrowth editor, not to mention make the game run worse for me, screw up a lot of custom shaders, causing most levels to be unable to load, all sorts of stuff. I need to relearn (and more then likely edit) parts of the new editor file browser, wait to get certain object shaders fixed, and get back in the groove of making levels again.

So sorry for all the holdups and I promise that I'll get some good stuff. I'll also probably be making a side story to Therium-2 to try and get myself back into the curve, with a few levels and a great story I have in mind.

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