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You remember our post about the Source SDK 2013? Well, this is the follow-up post.

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No, it’s not release time yet. But it seems like we’re following a one release per engine path. After several days of fighting C++ (damn you linker! and shame on you g++, Microsoft’s compiler doesn’t care if paths are separated by \ or / and so should you!) we’re done porting AHL2v3 to the 2013 SDK. The new engine is definitely better than the old one, a quick test on my rig shows doubled FPS on ahl2_dawg. We’re talking about minimum framerates of 65 (SDK 2007) compared to 130 (SDK 2013) here – that’s a significant increase. You may argue that FPS ain’t everything, and you’re right: with the new engine the microstutters are gone as well. Plus things load up way faster than before, thanks to SteamPipe. That being said, we’re sticking with the new SDK and engine. Besides this code work there has been much progress on the animation and model side recently, so everything is coming along nicely.
A word on Linux clients: the code compiles, I got .so files for server and client sitting on my harddisk at this very moment. The plan was to include a screenshot of AHL2 running on Linux with this news post. However, there’s no way I can do that with Ubuntu running from a Live-CD. As we got Linuxers on the team it’s just a matter of time before we can post that screenshot.

ViolentValentine - - 380 comments

Good luck to you, guys!

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Dragonlord - - 1,934 comments

Actually g++ is correct. \ is a windows only and has a totally different meaning under Linux. / is the correct path description working on both Linux and Windows. MSC is just slopey about definitions which is one source of problems. Anyways let's see how this pans out.

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[ladnet]brad Author
[ladnet]brad - - 48 comments

\ is an escape character on both Linux and Windows. In this particular case I was talking about file references in #include statements and I'd be surprised if anyone uses escape sequences here. So it'd be perfectly fine if g++ would treat \ here as / just as MSC does, as it's just plainly annoying having to correct every single \ in #includes, especially when it's code written by someone else.
Still, I do agree that it's a good thing that g++ enforces for example correct references. I came across some constants which were defined in non-referenced header files which MSC found due to the additional include directories or whatelse. This can easily lead to problems, but when it comes to the #include stuff it's just ridiculous to whine about every backslash - a coder's life is hard enough at times without this behavior ;)

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wazanator - - 761 comments

Awesome to hear guys! Any chance you'll be trying for greenlight?

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[ladnet]brad Author
[ladnet]brad - - 48 comments

Since we're a small team with limited time (real life strikes again!) it is better for us to be "just a mod". You may know our development cycles, they are rather long ;)

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HmTervapuro - - 532 comments

heh, dawg.

Great news! And this would be amazing on oculus rift, whenever the consumer version comes out.

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gamerfiend1 - - 11 comments

make us proud boys!

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