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Another update! This time, a look into the happenings within the team over the past couple of months.

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Greetings ModDB community:
Mogenar/Sith of Steel here to give what'll hopefully be the first in a series of weekly updates =D

PvM is back in business!PvM is back in business!PvM is Back in business!
Traditionally, most of us prefer to hear the bad news before the good news. I'm going to follow that order.
Bad news?
Bly's no longer on the team. After his many years of modding Empire at War, he decided to quit his side occupation of modding the game. He also got a new computer, and, as a result, we've lost the models and maps he was in the process of creating beforehand.
Good news?
The good news is, at least personally, I don't find it catastrophic. When DarkHelmet43 and I started this mod (what is it now, three years ago?) we never expected the support we would receive from the community in making this mod a reality. I had always intended making a code-central mod that put gameplay before graphics.
And I have to say, we still have both =p Thanks to the free release community, plenty of new models and particles have been available to us to help spruce up PvM's visual appeal. Simultaneously, I continue my working goal to create a mod that can stand alone even without all the sparklies.
More good news? Of the maps you've seen posted here, Dubrillion's the only one we've lost. The following planets will, for sure, be included in PvM's first release, some of which hadn't been revealed until now:
-Ord Mantell
-Zonju V
All with custom maps. In fact, I deliberately excluded one planet from this list (a planet part of a larger scheme of things that includes the single Bly model that was completed and received by the team. You haven't seen it yet, you might soon =p).

I can also assure you that progress on the mod continues. Black Sun and the Empire are more or less done. The Mandalorians still require tweaking but are also rather close to completion.

Of course, these previous two news updates have been the team's rambling. What do you want to hear? Tell us in the comments, and you might just see an official response from us about your topic next week =D

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I dont know if its good or bad but ill take this as good news.

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MogenarZ Author
MogenarZ - - 355 comments

It's meant to be a bit of both. What we really wanted to stress was that Bly's departure, as much as it doesn't help us, hasn't crippled the mod or our intentions in making it.

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DarthONeil16 - - 174 comments

Are you doing another beta test before release or just releasing it?

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MogenarZ Author
MogenarZ - - 355 comments

We'll be doing a final beta test before release, yes.

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DarkHelmet43 - - 7 comments

Hey cool I got mentioned lol. Just to let your guys know I'll be releasing some more PvM maps. Figured I'd let you guys know because I'm hoping it'll stir some more hype.

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