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The Natzees have stolen your aspirin, can you recover it?

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Hello. Moving on...

Here is a set of five single-level scenarios for the First Encounter (called wolf 1enc set), made (probably) by Zonoenx. Each map is meant to represent a different kind of challenge. So, according to the readme: scenario 1 ("Tough luck") is made to check if you're always prepared for anything you can encounter in the castle. Scenario 2 ("The adventure") is meant to resemble a multiple-choice test with various tricks. Scenario 3 ("Espionage") has you infiltrating an enemy base - you have to make it outside without alerting them. Scenario 4 ("Boss pain") is just a ton of bosses. And scenario 5 ("Asprin don't work") has you hunt down several fake crosses filled with asprin and stolen by the nazzies. Good luck!


wolf 1enc set

wolf1enc 1

wolf1enc 2

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