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An indie RPG inspired by the Paper Mario series set for release next year.

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We are very happy to announce our upcoming game, Ultrastar: Saga. The game takes inspiration from the Paper Mario series of RPGs and is made in RPG Maker. Just like those games, you'll engage in turn-based battles, use various special attacks, and use "Action Commands" to strengthen your blow. You will do this to many enemies as you explore the world of Planet Vearga in over 8 gameplay chapters in your quest to restore the Ultrastar!

In a very different universe, there exists a planet named Vearga, and it is kept in balance by the Ultrastar. One day, the Ultrastar is destroyed by a meteor, endangering the whole world. You and a few party members must travel across Planet Vearga and find all 8 pieces of the Ultrastar and restore it, before the world withers into nonexistence.

You will have to sole many puzzles and complete many trials. You will have to explore and discover the locations of the fragments. Ultrastar: Saga is currently planned for a 2018 release, and we will be showing off much more of the game throughout the year. We hope that you will follow the game's progress through our IndieDB page, website, Facebook page, or Twitter page as we make more and more of the game, and showcase it more. Here is some gameplay showcasing the battle system:

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