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Survive the terror aboard the UAV Typhon...a ship with no known history appears in the void of deep space...will you be able to endure the madness?

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Typhon is a new single player campaign for Doom 2. Featuring: New monsters, weapons, gameplay mechanics, sounds, an original soundtrack and a completely open world space ship to explore and unlock. The items and weapons are randomly spawned. Make the most of your inventory items to win battles when ammo is in short supply. Each part of the ship has it's own challenges - from a flooding waste water plant that can either be drained or not...or a jammed airlock back to you own choices affect the course of the game!

I am already into development, but it is a big task. The only non original assets are some sounds and the art. Typhon is an action-survival horror style conversion. Battles are difficult, Certain enemies will stalk you through the various areas of the ship, and you will not know until it's too late...and ammo will be feast or famine. Strategy will be involved in many of the battles, with saving inventory items being essential to survival. You will be able to play it co-op as well, and the story changes according to that.

I expect to release a demo in the next 2 months. This is a big undertaking, but so far I am able to tie the world together. There are some complex level scripts, such as the waste water plant being flooded an drained.

Stay tuned for updates!

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