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Announcing the release of BSG Fleet Commander version v.0.5.1

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The Battlestar Galactica Fleet Commander team is proud to announce:
Version 0.5.1
- TOS ship updates
- OSX updates
- Subsystem icon updates
- Area Capture updates
- Move Canon missions
- Last Stand mission updates

Windows Downloads:
Windows HTTP Downloads -
Windows exe Shader 2.0 torrent -
Windows big Shader 2.0 torrent -
Windows rar Shader 2.0 torrent -
Windows exe torrent -
Windows big torrent -

OS X Downloads:
OS X HTTP Downloads -
OS X big torrent -
OS X zip torrent -

Videos -

Installation -

Mod Website -

Release Feedback Poll -

Release Stability Poll -

Official Announcement -

NOTICE: This fan based modification is in no way affiliated with Sci-Fi, NBC, Universal Studios, Relic, Sierra, Aspyr, their parent companies or affiliates. All trademarks, logos, sounds, and video are property of their respective owners.


Have these been fixed?

1. Battlestar Atlantia, under the left hand side hanger, turret not mated to hull
2. some smaller ships (cylon resourcer, scarlet viper, armistace station) don't display a texture (they're all black, may be related to shader 2.0 which is the version I got last time)

I will download and play as soon as the ol' laptop's up and running again!

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I cant Download this mod can some one help me please.
When i enter one of those link Windows exe torrent it just said Error
No torrent with this ID.

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