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Well it turns out that the 7dfps actually starts this saturday. Here's what I'm making.

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Hey guys, been a while.

I guess I should start off with a Volliod update. I haven't been able to do any work because I've encountered a bug with the Unity program. Basically,it won't let me run any scenes. I should probably update, which I will try to do tomorrow.

Now, here's the real reason for this article.

As it turns out, the 2014 7dfps is actually starting this saturday, November 8th. I sat around thinking about what I should do for this game jam (I was gonna do that space station idea, but decided that wouldn't have fit the time frame with my current level of skill). But then I got an idea called HYPNoSIS.

It's a concept inspired by the fantastic GOTY 2014 and possibly the best game (I shouldn't say game, I should say MASTERPIECE) I have ever played, called Eidolon. It's a masterpiece of art in both the visual and literacy areas. Think Proteus + Gone Home + a very simple version of Rust. It's on the steam store for only $15 and I have raved about it to my friends unto the point that I have become annoying. Link:

But anyways, it's basically an exploration game set in a San Juan Island-ish island archipelago with low poly art in the same vein as Proteus and Eidolon, but with a distinct look. I can't show you any screenshots because I have obviously not begun to work on it yet, it's all just in my head. If you didn't think that I was psycho before, now you do. The closest thing to it would probably be TRIP (I guess it was kinda inspired by that too, because the title of the game is in caps too). You walk around islands with your low poly dog and go kayaking to explore other islands, also with your dog, who basically follows you around the entire game. I don't know if I'm going to add in wild animals or survival mechanics yet, but there definitely will at least be puzzles.

I hope you're hyped, because I fucking am.




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Oh this game is amazing, I can't wait for yours. Keep us posted, will ya? :D

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RaptorJesusGames Author

I sure will. I may have to create a Mod Db page for it too. And I know, right? Eidolon is pretty fantastic.

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Aight, good idea.

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