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Screwtape Studios is proud to announce our latest game, Damsel.

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Hi there! My name is Anthony and I'm the Creative Director and Lead Programmer at Screwtape Studios. We're a small team that's been making mobile games for a couple of years now, and while that's been fun (and sometimes horrific), it's not really why we got into game development. We got into game dev because we think one of the most awesome things in life is sitting in front of a screen with a controller (or keyboard and mouse) and jumping into another world for a little while. Actually, we think it's even more awesome to actually MAKE that world and let other people jump in.
So, with that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to our new world - It's a platformer by the name of Damsel, and we're super proud to finally let everyone take a look. Here's a brief description of the game, in the form of a super polished marketing description:
As an elite member of The Organisation, agent Damsel has been tasked with keeping humanity safe from the creatures that lurk in the shadows, the monsters that prey on the weak and vulnerable, those who would take away our life (and blood) given the chance. She is stealthy, silent, and deadly, and she works alone. There is no backup, no rescue, and The Organisation will deny she even exists if things don't go to plan.

Help Damsel unravel a conspiracy that will take her across the globe, from the blood farms of rural China, to the top secret New York labs of The Corporation, where ancient evil and modern science have joined to create grotesque abominations and unimaginable threats.

Damsel is a 2D platformer with a richly detailed, atmospheric world, with a focus on fast moving, but stealthy gameplay. Like a ninja, Damsel jumps into action without being seen and strikes at evil before it even knows she's there. When her stake isn't enough, she packs a shotgun, capable of shooting crystalised ultraviolet light - straight into the heart. Guns are noisy though, and there is always another monster hiding right around the corner.

Developed in Brisbane, Australia, Damsel is the debut PC / Console title by Screwtape Studios. Screwtape aims to give players a deep experience that goes beyond the normal trappings of an indie platformer. Incredibly aware of the culture that games and players find themselves in at the moment, Screwtape hopes to add to the conversation using the language they speak most eloquently, and show that no matter who you are, with the right preparation and tools, everyone has the ability to defeat their demons.
That's a lot of words, so here's a video of some early gameplay.

We hope you enjoy watching our progress and look forward to everyone grabbing the game as soon as it's available!

Catsnake - - 10 comments

amazing work I really like the art direction you took.

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Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Agreed. Looks great!

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antwood - - 5 comments

Thanks for the kind words guys! Our art and animation guys worked crazy hard getting this demo level right and your comments make it all worth it.

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