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It’s 2086. The world has been brought to its knees by the greediness of humankind, the political and economic breakdown has bred a path of violence and the outlaws rule the world. The world has been seized by Motorheart, who runs a breathtaking show – survival races; or in reality: a race-to-the-death.

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1. What it’s all about

Cyberline R is a free-to-play Combat Racing game for iOS and Android. It’s set in a cyberpunk future, in a world plagued by war and crisis, where humanity’s greatest entertainment has become a Death Race show.

Run by the Cyberline mega-corporation and, specifically, it’s leader Motorheart, the Death Race takes place in the most stunning environments Earth has to offer. Various cities, industrial complexes, ancient temples and lush jungles witness the life-and-death struggle of psychopaths, murderers, adventurers and those whose only choice is to race or die.

You are one of them, lead by a mysterious hand to the pinnacle that the champion’s title is – and to fulfilling any dream you might have. Your path won’t be easy, though – 12 of the world’s best pilots, including Motorheart, are in your way. And in the end, there can be only one.


2. Gameplay

Each time you race, you’ll be pitted against 7 other pilots – making that 8 including you. Choosing one of the 12 combat-ready cars, you can install up to 3 weapon units out of those made available to you in the mech shop. That aside, your car is by default equipped with a Chaingun, Energy Shield and a Special Weapon unique to the car you’re riding.

To win the race, one must use the weapons available with care and thought. And if you run out of ammo – drive over a specialized module to have it replenished.

Your opponents are not the only hazards you’ll encounter. Traps and contraptions litter the race tracks. Besides, playing too much on the aggressive side will surely overclock your drive core into exploding. And believe me, you don’t want that happening on the track.

Any weapon and car can be upgraded; cars are further customizable with decals.
Cyberline R boasts 5 play modes, from “be the first to cross the finish line” to survival racing.


3. Cars

There are 12 combat cars in-game. They are as different as they can be – in look, feel and driving style, never mentioning the unique weapons hard-wired into each car, allowing for different strategies and tactics. Each car was once owned by a unique character, whose inner self it now reflects.


4. Weapons

With 24 weapon types available in total, Cyberline R offers 12 Specials, an ever-present Chaingun and 11 standard weapon units that you can mount on the 3 weapon slots your car has. Each weapon has its set of strengths and weaknesses, allowing for interesting solutions.


5. Tracks

8 race tracks are available in-game, showcasing different corners of a cyberpunk Earth. Each track has it’s own set of obstacles, shortcuts and vistas to distract you from clutching the steering wheel as hard as you can. You’ll visit snowy mountain settlements, desert canyons riddled with ancient temples, you’ll ride through a sun-scorched city, the neon lights of a night megapolis and the toxic fumes of an industrial reactor… Maybe you’ll live to tell the tale.

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6. The game will also feature local multiplayer, achievements, leaderboards and others.

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