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Over the past month and a half I’ve been working on a new project which I am proud to announce; Crisis at Alpha Centauri!

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Over the past month and a half I’ve been working on a new project which I am proud to announce; Crisis at Alpha Centauri!

(Note – If you are able to do chiptunes music, please read the section “Can I do this alone?“.)

About the Game

In CAAC you play as a trash disposal droid that is tasked with making its way to a thermonuclear warhead, which happens to be attached to the hull of the space station you are on. The game is a side-scrolling platformer, heavily inspired by VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy.

Standard controls apply. Left and Right arrow keys to move, space to jump. The game mechanic that makes this interesting and fun is the bomb jumping. As you hail from an extremely advanced society, that has learned how to harness to energy of a black hole, you are able to store an infinite number of propulsion bombs inside yourself. Pressing the “Z” key will place a bomb, pressing the key again detonates it. In essence this mechanic resembles rocket jumping from FPS’ such as Team Fortress 2.Goals

A few goals were set when I decided to make this game.

1) Make a game with an art-style I can handle by myself. If you look on my channel you will see that there are two previous games listed. The problem with both is that I couldn’t handle the necessary art-style, and finding help was difficult. I eventually did find someone who was really good at what he did, but he went MIA on me. As a result, an Atari-like style was chosen, though I did make some improvements in lighting and such. A fallout effect of this is that level design is quick and easy, letting me test the levels and optimize them for fun and challenge.

2) Make a game that was continuously challenging throughout and always bring something new to challenge the player. The reason for this rule is that I didn’t want the game to ever becoming repetitive or boring. The end product won’t be an incredibly long game, so it needs to feel fresh throughout. The result of this rule was another rule.

3) At maximum add a new gameplay element every other level, with the level in-between reinforcing the gameplay mechanic. This rule ensures that goal #2 always comes true, though this is challenging as I need to always be coming up with new ideas to challenge the user. The result was to create a .txt file listing every idea I come up with. It’s pretty long now. It has around 20 levels with of stuff on it. Possibly more of I mix and match them. Another benefit of this is that, if a specific new mechanic doesn’t appeal to the user, he/she will know that it won’t always be used since there are so many other things that can be used instead for future levels.

What is planned for this game?

The planned path of the game is as follows:1) Have roughly 40 levels in the game with 4 chapters, and about 10 levels per chapter. A boss-like character will appear at the end of every chapter.

2) Have un-lockable challenge maps (about 4-7 of them). These are unlocked by collecting coins in the stages and purchasing them from the main menu. They will be extremely difficult. Once all of them have been beaten, a final challenge map will unlock itself.

3) After the first chapter is completed, submit the game to indiefund. While funding is not technically needed, the current budget is $0. Having some money would vastly help with the production, allowing me to basically work full time on its completion. I could also use it to buy add space on websites such as; upgrade to Unity3D Pro, which would allow for post-processing effects, and also allow for console versions of the game to be made; and, as promised by the indiefund team, they would help with getting the game on Steam. Of course, this is all wishful thinking for now, but it’s a goal.

4) Release on Steam/Desura for $3-5. I don’t think the final game will be worth any more than that.

Can I do this alone?

The answer is no. I have no skill when it comes to making music, let alone chiptunes. I’ve been contacting with two people to do the music for the game, but nothing promising has come up as of yet. So, if you are able to make chiptunes and you would like to work on this game with me, please contact me!


New platformer that is inspired by VVVVVV and Super Meat Boy. Rocket jump around, avoid death. No set release date. Look at the pretty screenshots =3

Chriz_86 - - 67 comments

The concept sound interesting and the first screens are nice. I'm always eager to hear about a new pure platformer. I can't make music unfortunately, but I would gladly donate some money for the start.

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earvesicle - - 47 comments

Check your private messages for my submission to possibly help with music!.. Hope to hear back from you soon.. i better remember to check my own private messages!

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wbokunic Author
wbokunic - - 114 comments

Replying to it at the moment. You should get a response soon =D

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