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this will discuss various things that will happen to the mod.

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alright, so a few things to mention. the mod is going to take a while, though i plan on releasing the first version once i finish the main arsenal of weapons (pistol, rifle, shotgun, super-shotgun, ripper (yes its back in the game), rpg, shrinker/enlarger devastator, and the freezethrower) and enough blood to satisfy. im currently trying to find out what doom engine was used to make brutal doom, but as of now, i am mainly working on sprites so that something related to the mod can be done. also i decided to make a discord group so i could get more ideas for brutal duke. here it is well, see you around. i will not make another article until release or other important news.


About the engine, Brutal Doom was originally made in Skulltag, then it move to Zandronum and later the next version will use GZDoom, I think.

The reason why is maybe bcs the First person executions requires coding to look 180 down (?), while Software renderer cannot look that low (kinky), I do recommend use Zandro though, or maybe thats bcs I have a potato :P

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