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Announcement of Eleventh Hour game project, unveiling two character classes and a shameless bid for recruitment.

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Today we are proud to announce the game project Eleventh Hour. The game is a blend of up close and personal combat mixed with RPG elements and a DoTA style combat field. The projected release date is 2013 so while we all have a while to wait to get onto the battlefield, in the coming months and years we’ll be engaging the community to help design prospective classes, maps and of course give you glimpses of the game.

Before we get on to the release, I’d like to mention that we are still looking for talented character artist, environmental artist, level builders, coders, game designers and vfx artists, please email me at if interested.

Today we’re unveiling the first of many classes; we have on one side the RuneSpeaker (Archetype: Fighter). As an ogre sage from the south he has thick skin and an excellent sense of humor, but is quick to take up the sword in defense of his friends. His style of combat is up close, he has skills that attach runes to the bodies of his enemies detonating seconds later after he tosses them out of range.

Primary Skill: 1,000 Runes – The RuneSpeaker quickly applies countless runes onto the body of his enemy, tossing him out of range by the neck right before they begin detonating.

The next class we’re unveiling is the Blue Fire (Archetype: Mage). As part of the bloodless the Blue Fire acts on orders from up high. Although her body is constantly transforming she has channeled the rage of the bloodless into an element and that element is fire. Like all things with the bloodless, the fire isn’t quite right and is off coloured giving it a blue hue. Her combat style is ranged and death dealing, cleansing the area of non-bloodless with the wrath of fire.

Primary Skill: Remember the Fallen. – Transforms the Blue Fire into an avatar of the bloodless. For 8 seconds the Blue Fire deals +50% damage and all attacks inflict area damage.

As a second treat for story buffs we’re going to present a glimpse at the background of our much worked on Bloodless. Created after the War of the Sky being merely years old they haven’t found much purpose on the planet, the only thing they have known is that everyone hates them and has, since their inception, tried to exterminate them. While we may never know if the Bloodless could have been a peaceful race because of this action against them and their constant evolutionary nature The Bloodless have struck out and as our game begins have waged a war against all others.

That’s all for today so please leave your comments and let us know what you think of the release and if you’re interested feel free to apply to help create this amazing game that already has a lot of high caliber talent working on it. You can expect our next release within a month but until then thanks for checking us out.

Chris Taylor – Project Lead

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