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We just released the announcement trailer for the game! Enjoy or don't.

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This is the announcement trailer for Gone Wandering!

A girl, a boat and a whole lot of butterflies.

Gone Wandering is a relaxing collectathon game with puzzle elements, an interesting world to explore, and a Nintendo 64 era aesthetic.

- Relaxing atmosphere

- Fun and arcadey boat controls

- Satisfying butterfly collection

- Puzzle areas that utilize the base mechanics in new ways

- A world and story to discover

We are a team of two. Austin Drozin was the 3D artist and the gameplay programmer. Alex Rossin was the 2D artist and the AI programmer. Austin also made the sound effects and water shader, and Alex animated and level designed. This is the first game both of us have ever finished. We met in college while we were both trying to make personal games. We saw each other’s style, and we really felt we could make a great game if we collaborated.

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