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The news of this week is animations! I have the foundation of the animation system in place. See it in action!

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It's time for another update — the second in two weeks!

Since the last time I have overcome a problem with trigonometry that held me back from making character animations. With that out of the way I have made the foundation of an animation system. The characters will soon look much more alive!

At the moment I can only create the animations by editing text files, so I should really put some time into making an editor to ease up the creation process.

Have a look at this video featuring the few pieces of animation I managed to do in between all the coding this weekend, playing on "spontaneously" dying characters (there's no sound — sorry!):

I should mention that these animations are very roughly made, the quality will improve with an editor that let's me see what I'm doing in real-time!

Other things on the to-do list are to enable playing animations individually on separate body parts, so that the characters can walk and reload a weapon at the same time for instance. And I will also make arms holding weapons aim these toward their targets — the aiming will not be driven by animation like it was in this video.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Theon - - 712 comments

Looks fun! :D

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isbeorn Author
isbeorn - - 836 comments

Thank you!

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SPY-maps - - 2,907 comments

man, this is SOOOO awesome!!
(and i don't see this much and or quick!!!)
but this i really like, ofcourse i notice to
that its still very WIP (no hands etc), so
it can only get even better.
what i specialy like is the blood, and how
holes appear when someone gets hit.
can't get bloody enough for me, lol.

will be tracking this,keep up the good work!!!


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isbeorn Author
isbeorn - - 836 comments

Big thank you for your positive comment! :)
And there will be more gore I can promise! Bowels and brains are on the to-do list.
Thanks for tracking!

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ScarabGames - - 48 comments

Keep up the good work isbeorn :)

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