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BrainSick - an arcade about the brain and a victory over thirteen fears.

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BrainSick - an arcade about the brain and a victory over thirteen fears

BrainSick is an arcade created by one person. The game carries in a dream to the brain, which is overcome by nightmares. He constantly grows and struggles with the aggressive world. The only way to keep the brain in a normal state is to collect neurons. Over time, the surrounding world becomes too aggressive, and it is necessary to hide in a protective capsule. But there is good news: neurons are born only in an aggressive world. The more brain in a dream, the harder it is to survive. It is necessary to fight to the last to defeat all thirteen fears.

Platform: Android
Russian interface: yes
Technical requirements: Android 4.1 and higher
Category: Arcade
Price: Free

The character falls into his own dream and struggles with its inhabitants and the environment. You can hide in a capsule. When it is closed, new neurons are born. At this time, being outside of it is deadly dangerous.
The game is divided into 2 stages. First, survival is necessary for the discovery of fear. It is necessary to collect as many neurons as possible. The more points are collected, at a time, the more fears will open.
The second is a battle with the boss. Which in the game 13.
Each of them is unique and requires tactics. The brain can shoot, neurons of different colors. Picking the right color, in the color of protection of fear, it can be overcome. Some bosses require a reduction, they do not care about the color of the neuron. Some have defenders who need to be destroyed. About the tactics, you can find out in the "How to play" menu.

The brain, constantly growing, neurons help it to remain in a normal state. The size matters, the speed of the character's movement depends on it.
The longer the main character is in a dream, the more aggressive the world around him. But survival is the only way to overcome all fears and find peace.

In the opening mode of fear, neurons differ in types, there are only five of them: white reduces the brain, yellow stops the enemies for a short period of time, green maintains the character's health level (the eye is an indicator of his condition), purple allows teleporting over the playing field, and orange ones Significantly reduce the size of the brain. Birth of neurons: yellow - every 250 points, green - 500 points, purple - 1000 points, orange - first for 2000, then every 1000 points.

In direct battle with fear, the properties of neurons change. Green adds life, yellow accelerates the movement, orange urgently reduces the size, blue accelerates the birth of new neurons.

The game was created by one person, but despite this, it has an unusual and cute graphics. Smooth, beautiful music helps to relax and enjoy the game. Sounds are unusual and perfectly complement the gameplay. The application is absolutely free and suitable for players of any age category.
The game was invested a lot of effort, so it has advertising. It can be turned off by collecting purple neurons. Each view of advertising increases their number by 20. Also in the game there is a store with additional features.

If you want, you can buy a version without advertising - a link to it is in the game.

The game is an excellent and original heir to the arcade genre and will be enjoyed by absolutely all fans. And not lovers will become lovers. It is quite complex, dynamic, understandable to all age categories at first sight (and it's almost like love), has a wonderful soundtrack and an unusual picture. She can not leave anyone indifferent, because it is embedded part of the soul of an inveterate gamer.

An unusual idea;
Dynamic gameplay;
Pleasant sound;
Elementary control.

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