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We are back from the dead one again... kind of....

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Hello anybody who has been keeping an eye on this mod.

I have got back into mapping lately and have thought about this while editing the mod page.
Mainly, I was just removing all the unneeded stuff in the Info of the mod.

Anyway, on to the news.
I have decided to sort of keep working on Why?
By "sort of" I mean I am probably not going to complete it fully, but as soon as I get what I would determine as "enough" content into it, I will release it.
I may have to release is as a Map Pack though seeing as how Source SDK 2013 hates me dearly and the other SDKs are broken.

If I decide after release that I want to keep doing it, then I will add on to it and make it into what it Formerly was.

Keep in mind this is mainly for me to get this off my conscious, so not a whole lot of detail will be put into the surroundings, and I am not doing this to please anyone but myself.
If you have a problem with the released content and decide to comment, be prepared for me to either get really pissed or just delete your comment.
I'm going to add a new banner soon because this one too was just a placeholder.

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