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The fifth faction, the big secret, all the anticipation....

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Now im sure by now, those who have been checning in have seen little to no relative activity... well ive got news for you
in 48 hours (give or take 12) i will hav the next version of the mod up and heres the score card...

Hardpoints removed for better balancing ability, they can still be destroyed but they can no longer be freely targeted. I did this for a few reasons including ease of balancing, i really hate them being there (i hate those dots... they drive me nuts) well thats really it...


Yep a new GC
as seen in our image section a new GC has been made and tested, it has no background yet, but im working on it so it might be in the first patch....
The basic premise for the GC is this, an interuniveral rift has opened near one planet in each of the galaxies allowing safe travel from one to the other. But if you loose the rift then u cant get re-inforcements. Because u can only build your ships in your home galaxy area. So if ur in the trek verse and someone takes the rift and then attacks ur home galaxy u cant build ships in the trek galaxy, uve got to take the rift back to bring in new reinforcemnts. Why? well because the resources u need are in the home galxy not with u....
now ive had one exception to this and thats the trek ships, im trying to limit them but i keep coming up fruitless, so im going to keep trying and c if i cna sort it out

anyway changes to the 4 factions

Tones of new units added, weapon FX fix, voiced to be fixed soon, new heroes added.... and they got there own galaxy, with unique planet, with unique ships, including, Atlantis (Aurora class), Orilla (Mk2 ships), Delmak (Apophis Hataks), the lsit goes on...

Ships balanced in, shields removed(because they dont have shields in the show), all the colonies are represented, with details about them (i made them up but still better than nothing)... just like SG they got unique ships at some, and what not

Zafrin has added a tech tree to skirmish and ive added the planets to the GC. Theres alot or new and changed stuff so ull ahve to check it out

New tech tree added, its more or less the old one but it works none the less

Also the AI should use all the ships (expect some of the SW ones, im working on it and should have it fixed before the patch is released)

Will be starship troopers, how and when i add these units will be determined later.

Also im hoping to have pseech packs for ST and SG up around the same time as the main upload (therefor keeping the main upload small for people with limited downloads, and giving the others the sounds they want if they have higher downloads)

So theres the news...

for more details keep an eye on here for unit list and other chnages



GREAT NEWS!! woot its all coming together, and sst is going to be in it too yay :)

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Spinobreaker Author

not in this patch, probably in a month or so as an addon or something

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This is going to be one awesome mod!

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Awesome,can't wait.

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Woot. Starship Troopers ftw.

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