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We're talking about the just released Source SDK 2013 today. And there may be some news you've been waiting for in this post as well.

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Before you go and check your calendar: no, not another six months have passed, it's actually the second news post in one month! ...but a short one this time.
Valve released the Source SDK 2013 today which enables mods to use the most recent version of the Source Engine (well, kind of, as the CS:GO engine is a tad newer still). Codewise all bugs we had on the list for v3 are fixed now, only the enhancements and new features are left to do. That is, we'll first port the game to the new engine version and implement the enhancements and new features afterwards. Based on our tests with the Source 2013 we'll decide whether or not we'll stick with the new version. This also means that our development cycle will be a little longer as there's extra work to do, but the plan is still to release v3 some time in 2013. I did it and gave an estimate on the release. Let's just say that it's 2013 in AHL2 time ;)


Wait wait wait...

VALVE released an update that... FIXED our mods?

What kind of sorcery is this?

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[ladnet]brad Author

Well, will still have to see if it's all good for AHL2 anyway. But I do think so. Will post news once we're done checking.

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