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1944, during the world war II. Another travel to castle wolfenstein, I guess?

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Wolfenstein: The Dark Sense of War

Part 0: The plot embody us back to Captain William Joseph Blazkowicz after the events of Operation Resurrection project. He gets the bad news of the death of his friend Mark, who has fallen in battle at Omaha Beach. Mark's widow gives him a letter, in which he discovers that the operation resurrection was never filed by the SS paranormal division.

In the letter he discovers that there is a list of American traitors in the service of the SS. After reporting this to the headquarters of the OSA and communicate the findings, he is called immediately for incorporation back to the Rangers to fulfill the mission to neutralize spies and locate the new paranormal group based in the SS.

But things are going to change ominously very soon...

DaveTheFreak - - 994 comments

I'm curious about the story-telling in the game. Please: do it right and tell the player in the game why he is where he is and why he does what he does. ;)

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