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I've finally completed the Prominent Species Development! It's probably the largest module in the predevelopment (ie, before the game's coding) and it's done! Another month or three, and I should have all the predevelopment done.

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Additional: You can keep an eye on MyWorld's Module Progress here. (I've also added this snippet to the front page description)

And he said, "Let there be life," and life was given! Ghul, Neonni, Itsek, Steir, Vapiole, Tatoime - all completed! It's taken a good few months, but, it's done; the largest module in predevelopment.

In celebration of this, I'm going to give a run-down of each species' personalities in descriptive form; note, I have yet to go over them and make sure everything makes complete sense, but what I'll list below is pretty much truthful to what they are - which brings me to my next point.

Some of you may have noticed the new downloadable content I have uploaded, the "NPC Generator (v0.4.0)". It's a little tool I am working on now and then to aid me in the future random-creation of NPCs.
It currently only supports Ghuls and two generators, but it's there - plus an exporter, which saves your generated NPC into an INI file - which can be opened using any text editor.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been under a complete creative block with the Tatoime, till I drew doodles on a piece of paper which basically unlocked them for me, playing out before my hand what I have about them thus far - after that, said creature was soon completed.


The Ghul is an aggressive, unruly, wild, fierce and basically damn right dangerous. But their very redeeming feature is their word and oath - making them powerful allies... or dangerous enemies.
Once in battle, they abide by rules of engagement and fight till their last breath, going into a sort of bloodlust trance.
Ghul are rarely pessimistic, but rather cheerful at times, in attitude. They're honest and sincere in what they say, but are generally cold in attitude towards strangers.
If you were to go into a Ghulish settlement, for example, you would recieve many odd, even cold, stares and treated indifferently.
If you were to save a Ghul's life though, you would be their friend till the end of their days, coming to your aid in times of need in a heartbeat, against any odds.
The Ghul aren't exactly "stupid", but they're not especially intelligent, either - using their brute strength and tactical minds instead of sleight of hand, trading loopholes and political strengths.
Whilst the Ghul Government may have made peaceful promises with other races, the individuals of the country have not, which often nulls the Peaceful negotiations due to raids launched by bored or disgruntled war-hungry youths... the Neonni have been victim of this for centuries.


The Neonni are creatures that live for one thing - Magic.
In the time of evoloution, Neonni consumed and resided near things strong in magic. This magic seeped and radiated into their very being like a toxic, invisible disease. As much good as magic can be capable of, it is also a dangerous and deathly thing.
Ambitious, Disciplined, Secretive, Considerate and Cooperative, Friendly and Knowledgable are terms often linked with the wonderous snake-like people of the temperate regions in Cerria.
Whilst not exactly "cowardly", they aren't too keen on taking risks.
On entering a Neonni settlement, their gazes may analyze your person and belongings with curious inspection, before moving on, satisfied.
Life is generally easy for the magic-using Neonni namely due to their magical inclusion in almost everything they do - but this has had its toll on them, causing their veins to be as much magic as liquid blood. The most devastating issue of this is the explosive force on the death of a Neonni, the magic - without course and constant use - collects within the none-pumping veins, trapped inside the carcass of the Neonni. This is then like an accelerant for when the Neonni's inner magic, the magic of their soul, is released - igniting a massive explosion.
Or, at least, that is the theory.
Another known issue of this addiction is if magic is not used often by Neonni, they begin to have withdrawal issues, such as increased hunger, thirst and drowziness.


Itsek are the most vile creatures known to Cerria. Ugly, ethicless things that will as soon as kill you as aid you. As youths, they are bastardized as soon as the female is seeded. They are given birth to, taught how to walk, talk and hold a weapon and finally left alone in the wild by their mothers.
The youth must then survive on his own, with nothing but a weapon and a necklace with his father's family crest on.
The evil nature of the Itsek may be caused in theory due to the savage requirements in surviving in the coldest regions, that they reside in, in Cerria.
Itsek are generally confident and very self-reliant, taking up opportunities to take what they need at their own will. They live by themselves in remote locations that are near to rich sources of food and water.
There are few Itsek settlements, which are more alike to trading posts. Wild Itsek will come to these locations - if they discover them - to trade what they have in excess for what the trader requires.
If the location is near to water and hunting grounds, the Itsek may even find comfort in the collective protection of the settlement from the many dangers of the wild and settle down. This often leads to much blood being spilled in arguements, even the pettiest.
The Itsek have no compassion for their own species, not even a compassionate thought crossing their minds when other species are involved.
Due to their many years in the wild, they are very naturally knowledgable in the ways of survival. This includes poisons, simple weapon crafting, combat, patience, trapping, perception, dexterity and so forth.


The Steir were once a hive-mind species as non-sentient creatures, much like giant ants on four legs and robust bodies. As they evolved self-conciousness and grew to become a prominent species in Cerria, the shackles of enslavement that was the commandments of the Hive Queen became weaker.
Their community still continues very much alike to a hive, even being able to communicate mind-to-mind with creatures of their own race.
An example of how the underground tunnels, which is called a Hive, work as a hive is that the Queen is the only one of them able to give birth to other Steir. Steir are born as live babies. they are then cleaned and adopted by lovers.
From the above, the Steir are humble, parental, industrious, caring and hard working creatures.
As the Steir rarely leave the Hive except for gathering above-ground materials, they are basically unable to adapt to other biomes other than underground Hives. They are highly trustworthy and accepting of other species, openly trading with the seafaring and amphibious Vapioles of the east.
Steir are classed as "large" creatures, with tails, large bodies and thick skin - making them very resiliant and tough beings, though they will go out of their way to avoid conflict.
Conflict could endanger their Hive, you see - which they will avoid at all costs.
Steir have never known war.

For entertainment, the Steir are very attached to their music. When they Steir is still a youth, he or she chooses an instrument of their liking, one that reflects their personality and soul. This is then custom-made for the Steir, and they practice and play it for the rest of their life - making them the best musicians in all of Cerria.
In fact, there are times where a single Steir will stop what they are doing, pull out their instrument, and begin playing in a flurry of a creative burst. This will then attract other Steir who are unable to resist joining in, causing large musical congregations to ensue.


Vapiole has the largest kingdom known on Cerria. The key to this is their amphibious abilities, making oceans easily accessable and traversable. Oceans are the key factor to the reasons why other species have not expanded as far as the Vapiole.
With such a large kingdom comes much prosperity and all sorts of luxurious items. But also with it comes instability and weakness in governance.
To counter this, the Vapiole government is a hereditry dictatorship, where the Dictator and his sons take over claim as lord of the lands. The vapiole kingdom has many "Vassals" spread across these lands, whom the Dictator keeps a close eye on with advisors, spies and mandatory reports.
But alas under the strict punishments of crimes, a rebellion has risen - an interesting opportunity for players, no less. The rebels are in hiding and propoganderised by the government as terrorists and such, as a way of swaying the populace not to join the Rebellion.
The number of the rebels are unknown, spanning from tens to thousands - this the government fears. In such a large kingdom, there is no plausible way to search for them.
Even so, with such strong punishments on crimes, comes a variety of things the Dictator has allowed for Vapioles to enjoy - such as Gambling and Prostitution. Not to mention the nearly inexistant crime rates.
Vapioles as individuals are colourful and cheerful characters, unassumingly decent and trustworthy. They are very motivated, opportunistic and adventerous.


And last but not least, the Tatoime. The tatoime are creatures of a harsh, barren land, spending each and every day surviving as a group.
To avoid the terrible heat of the sun, the Tatoime live in tunnels under the deserts, known as Burrows. Burrows are dug out and settled in according to finding water wells deep under the deserts, where they farm mushrooms and other underground growing specimens. Whilst underground, the life of a Tatoime is rather peaceful. Food is plentiful from farming, with no worries of seasons causing droughts or flooding.
The tatoime themselves are closely-knit communities; friendly, warm and welcoming to each other. Yet, when an outsider approaches, they are treated with supreme caution and untrusting, spears and bows at the ready. Whilst the Tatoime are peaceful at heart, they are not unknown for their militaristic ways - for defensive purposes alone.
Tatoime Burrows are far and few between, lead by a single (Yet unnamed title, but "leader" will do) for each burrow. These "leaders" are voted in every ten years in a presidentual-like voting system, but they will rule as a single power for those ten years and more, if voted for once again.
Each Burrow has a single long tunnel that connects them, known as "roads".
Adventure is barely even a dream for most Tatoime. In fact, for severe crimes, Tatoime are exiled into the deserts to live or die as their own being.

Well, there you have it. Each race explained to you in shallow depth - and for me, that has completed part of the Second Wave Development. What's next, you say? Now I get to form where the settlements are in Cerria, split up "states/provinces" between the lands, and then develop the cities and languages.

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Very nice =)

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And in addition, I finished the Second Wave Development just after writing this. :P

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What kind of game is this? I've been following it for some time, and i still haven't figured it out :P

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so stranded 2 in runescape format?

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